A Letter from Guo Pei

My journey at Paris Haute Couture Week.

Dear Friends, 

I am very pleased to present my 10th runway show at Paris Haute Couture Week. I can still vividly remember the emotions I felt as I stood on stage for my first show in 2016 – curious, nervous yet excited. 

I believe every fashion designer aspires to have their collection shown on the Paris runway. The city’s undeniable charm and romantic flair calls out to every one of us. But for me, her more important significance lies in the perseverance of culture and art. Like the mission of La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM), continually seeking to preserve traditional know-how and fostering a fusion with contemporary technology over centuries. 

I am very grateful for the support of FHCM. Their encouragement has empowered me to freely articulate my artistic expression through couture on the Paris runway. In my nine Couture shows, I have explored a myriad of themes. The Legend collection is inspired by religion, and the expression of divine and selfless dedication. The LArchitecture collection interprets Gothic architecture into couture, while the East Palace collection celebrates the splendid Oriental culture. Alternate Universe delves into the question of life and death… These themes are very varied but their common ground is from real life experience – the culture of the land where I grow up on, my readings, my observations or even a momentary emotion. 

For this 10th show, I am exploring the theme of Life. I envision images of vast Savannah grasslands where plants flourish and animals thrive with the arrival of the rainy season. Cheetahs are hunting, giraffes are grazing while a herd of zebras strolls by . Here, the laws of nature prevail, untainted. During this time when the world faces the challenges of a global health crisis, I find myself delving deeper into my perception and feelings towards Life. Through my collections, I wish to express my feelings of the connection between life and landscape and the relationship between man and nature.  

A warm welcome, one and all, to my online show on July 8th. Join us in experiencing the rhythm of Life on the Savannah.  

Guo Pei 
28th June 2020 

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