A Take on Fashion: Natasha Goldenberg

January 28, 2021

Natasha Goldenberg is a creative director and stylist, and a prominent figure among the Russian fashion industry. Prior to the pandemic, Natasha could be spotted attending the key shows of major fashion weeks. Starting as a buyer assistant at TSUM, Natasha quickly gained recognition from her international peers. She transformed the fashion department of TSUM, filling it with progressive brands. She also deserves credit for creating visibility around prominent and emerging Russian designers.

In what ways can Haute Couture be a reflection of the times?
I don’t have clothes from the Haute Couture collection in my wardrobe yet; but from my point of view, couture is pure art. I’s something timeless; something you’ll never see on Instagram. Its magic enlightens our daily life and, in my opinion, it doesn’t necessarily need to reflect reality in all its entirety. 

How can fashion as a form of individual and free expression play a role in our changing societies?

For me, clothes and fashion are the biggest and easiest ways of self-expression. Good taste is one of the important things that attract me in people. So many people work in a black suit five days a week; they all look the same in their uniform, I love the uniform, but it needs to be personalized. Our relationship with clothes has changed through time, and it seems to me that we don’t seek uniqueness anymore. Nowadays, fashion unites us, and it’s definitely an interesting social shift. 

How does the current crisis impact people’s relationship with clothing and fashion?
I realized that I haven’t worn anything I bought in February during Paris Fashion Week. Because when the lockdown was over, these fantastic pieces didn’t inspire me anymore. There was no place to wear them. I want more classic stuff now. It can be crazy chic or a very casual uniform, but I want to feel cool and like myself wearing them; and they should probably not be recognizable.

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