Antonio Grimaldi & the “Roman School”

Painters, sculptors, writers, intellectuals and, lately, also designers

Painters, sculptors, writers, intellectuals and, lately, also designers. They are the protagonists of that famous “Roman School” which over the years has nourished and raised generations of artists in the way of beauty expressed in multiple forms; a painting, a book, a unique work, perhaps even in fabric. Antonio Grimaldi is one of them. The Salerno born couturier, raised in Rome and since 2017 an invited member of the official calendar of Haute Couture Parisienne, developed his talent exactly under that Roman sky, in the way of the beautiful and well-made, of history and of the future, of stylistic avant-garde and with respect for the most rigorous sartorial traditions made great by Italian High Fashion and that is well evidenced by his work. In the course of the years, his creations have traveled the world, from Asia to the Middle East, and conquered the hearts of international princesses, actresses and artists. In a word, of women who seek in a dress, in a creation, the best of friends and the most faithful of allies. The hidden thread of Antonio Grimaldi lies in that authentic sewn into the heart passion for fashion together with technique and the study of new geometric or classic balloon shapes, majestic volumes and regal column silhouettes. And his fashion shows are always a surprise, a pleasant surprise. From season to season, his collections arouse wonder and memories, the embroideries; classic and very modern, the grace of feathers, the strength of metal and iron, rekindle memory and a moment later they project you into the future.  

And this is also his strength, combined with impeccable bias or plissè soleil workings on precious fabrics that never seem to end. But this is normal, for Grimaldi who in Rome would be defined as a “nerd”, one who studies to the maximum with needle, scissors and thread, concentrated with his head and heart in his atelier in Palazzo Besso, a place that, not by chance, presents itself as the crossroads of the most exciting Roman Baroque. Art and history, at a glance of the eye, to nourish his work and continue to give way to beauty. Without limits, like the sky of Rome. 

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