Premiering at the Haute Couture Digital at FHCM, Butterfly People attempts to answers a simple, yet very pertinent question at our end— ‘what is the relevance of couture in such times?’ The last few months have been a time when the entire atelier struggled together— “together” being the more important word here. We were anxious, like the rest of the world, because everything seemed uncertain. But we were together— in spirit. Couture felt like a leap of faith. It united us as we started thinking, ideating, sketching from the safety of our homes, and crafting the first samples with few embroiderers in the studio. The core idea behind the luxury we are trying to cultivate is pushing for sustainable employment of the craft community. Indeed, there is an unperturbed expression of art through our motifs, but every stitch, every knot is strongly related to the present and future of an artisan, especially hit by the pandemic— the greatest leveler, that did not see race, religion or social hierarchy, brought with itself a sea of change. 

This period of pause let nature be without much human intervention. Skies in Delhi have been the clearest shade of blue and the air cleaner than ever. Migratory birds have miraculously appeared along with long-forgotten water bodies and the cityscape has been kissed by nature’s revival. This took me back to the corals in the Maldives. Was there the slightest chance of the lost colours re-emerging in brighter hues? How do the ocean beds look now? Are they replete with newfound psychedelia? The lotus pond paints a very different picture today, with swarms of dragonflies perched on floating leaves and the atelier feels nothing short of a garden – hosting, cultivating, and celebrating the craftsmanship of the butterfly people. 

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