July 5, 2021


With a workshop of artisan upholsterers focused on DS interior trim, DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS 4, DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 9 showcase unprecedented sophistication. At the core of the leatherwork, “pearl” stitching is a unique signature. 

The benefit of having a team of craftsmen integrated into DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS is being able to develop in-house expertise. “Pearl” stitching is one example. It was subjected to several years of work before appearing inside DS 7 CROSSBACK. 

Shown for the first time on a concept car to demonstrate the attention to detail that is dear to the brand, pearl stitching had to make it through a tough series of tests before manufacturing. Devised on one of the sewing machines at the large Couleurs et Matières workshop, among hundreds of fabrics, samples and stylish designs, “pearl” stitching is the result of exhaustive sewing tests.  

As its name suggests, pearl stitching reproduces a pattern in the shape of pearls. It was inspired by a needlework technique used in high fashion to achieve extremely sophisticated detailing. Quite naturally, in line with this spirit of great French tradition, the DS Automobiles upholsterers chose to craft the interiors and trim the seats with this stitch, making it a trademark. 

Proven on the concept car, it had to be reworked for manufacturing and above all, for durability. After three years of research and validation, the project led by Thierry Metroz received the green light to be put into DS 7 CROSSBACK. The DS Automobiles design director displayed a certain pride, as much for the creative achievement as for the technique and the conviction of his team of men and women.

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