L’Ouverture du 19M

January 19, 2022

The inauguration of la Galerie du 19M is taking place with an initial Opening season.

For this very first opus, the site is offering a full-scale “making of”, like an open-air workshop, of the creation of le 19M from the launch of the project to today.



The idea is to retrace the development of the architectural creation, and to present an overview of the resident Maisons d’Art and their know-how, with an accessible approach open to all. The entire project was conceived and crafted collectively, bringing together multiple parties from various backgrounds, including many artists, schools, long-time partners and proponents of the circular economy.


In the first section of the exhibition, visitors can follow Rudy Ricciotti’s process as he designed the building. The displays recount each stage in the production of the architectural creation, from the earliest sketches to the completion of le19M. Photographs, drawings, blueprints, mock-ups and sketches of prototypes document the journey, including the design of the gallery’s interior furnishings by Studio GGSV in collaboration with craftsmen and local entities. Gala Espel, then freshly graduated from École Camondo, was chosen to create the scenography of the exhibition space, at the conclusion of a partnership signed in 2019 between le19M and the architecture-design school.


The second part of the programme, spanning 550 sq.m. (nearly 6,000 sq.ft.), plunges the visitor into the world of the resident Maisons d’Art, the focal point of le19M: ERES, GOOSSENS, LEMARIÉ, LESAGE, LESAGE INTÉRIEURS, LOGNON, MAISON MICHEL, MASSARO, ATELIER MONTEX, STUDIO MTX and PALOMA.

The exhibition comprises 11 doors conceived by each resident Maison to embody its unique know-how – a theatrical device proffering an invitation to enter their creative realms.


The project also showcases a number of collaborations between the Maisons d’Art and contemporary artists, reflecting le19M’s ambition to become a venue for discovering and promoting the talents of tomorrow. Visitors can discover the projects created with the finalists and winners of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories, as well as the work of the artist Lucie Khahoutian, winner of the Picto Fashion Photography Prize and the 19M Métiers d’Art Photography grant. Three of her works, evoking Armenian identity and collective memory, were created in conjunction with Atelier Montex.

Lastly, the artisans who work at le19M are spotlighted in a project by Ismaël Bazri, Fodil Drici and Elea Jeanne Schmitter from the 2020 Image class at École Kourtrajmé, headed by the artist JR.


A venue for dialogue, initiation and learning, la Galerie du 19M offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a series of events accompanying its inaugural season. Everyone is invited to participate in a collective embroidery workshop uniting, for the first time, Maison Lemarié, Maison Lesage and Atelier Montex. As the weeks go by, this group effort will result in a monumental joint creation based on a map of the area around le19M, at the frontier of northern Paris and the town of Aubervilliers.

la Galerie du 19M is also hosting a programme of educational workshops and presentations related to the exhibition.


By appointment – book online at https://le19m.billetterie-exposition.com/fr/page/exposition/

Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12PM to 7PM

Press Contact : Cyril Cabellos – cyril.cabellos@gmail.com



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