Giorgio Armani and the Tale of Haute Couture

Giorgio Armani presents, for the 2020 Paris Semaine de la Haute Couture, a video that narrates 15 years of couture, from 2005 to today. From the intense moments before the shows, pictures stolen backstage, to the looks on the runway, the film is a testament to the designer’s work, which, with Armani Privé, reaches the pinnacle of creativity – works of the imagination, translated into masterpieces of sophistication and savoir faire. 

In a sequence of clothes with fine silhouettes, which are so lightweight they defy the law of gravity, and whose construction and splendid embroidery reveal the patient and painstaking work of the seamstresses and the petites mains, Armani Privé celebrates 15 years of haute couture, a drive towards freedom, pure imagination, experimentation and the pursuit of perfection. 

Here are multiple inspirations, including references to oriental moods and diverse cultures that are so close to the designer’s heart, and clothes that, with their unexpected freshness, show daywear transported into a shining, new dimension.  

The video encapsulates Giorgio Armani’s couture vision, offering in every collection a new idea, a surprising interpretation and a fresh perspective. 

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