Red Carpet Collection:A jewellery Paradise

July 5, 2021

On the occasion of Couture Week in Paris (5 to 8 July), Chopard is exhibiting the miracle of its Red Carpet Collection in its boutique on the Place Vendôme. Annually nurtured by the Maison’s ongoing love story with cinema and its historical partnership with the Cannes Festival, the collection is now showcasing its charm through the Paradise theme. In doing so, it reveals the dreamy touch of Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, who flings wide open the doors to the palaces of her imagination. Entirely crafted in the Maison’s Haute Joaillerie ateliers, the Red Carpet Collection embodies the technical expertise and boundless creativity of the finest artisans. Its treasures notably include a dog-themed necklace composed of coloured pearls and diamonds staging patient micro-gemsetting craftsmanship through an endearing family of larger-than-life canines. Continuing this journey towards a fanciful paradise providing a haven for both mind and soul, Caroline Scheufele has imagined a fantastical vision of Nature staged through a ‘Fawn’ pendant, as well as an opal and yellow sapphire floral ring. This selection also features a cuff bracelet set with multicoloured stones, as well as creations adorned with rare gems – such as a fancy vivid yellow diamond necklace and a pink sapphire jewellery watch. Together they tell the tale of a precious paradise such as is generally conjured up only in one’s wildest dreams.

Theatre of dreams

Each piece of jewellery stems from an emotion, each culminating from an idea in a creation. Then comes the sketch, the mosaic of precious stones, colours like destinations, and a wild desire to share. Ahead of the big reveal of the entire Red Carpet Collection at the next Cannes Film Festival, from 6 to 17 July Caroline Scheufele is presenting some of its most emblematic creations at the Couture Week in Paris.  A creative universe whose texture and density unfold in the dazzling landscape of her imaginary worlds. Like a director, this keen film-lover orchestrates each of her collections around a real narrative, a master canvas within which her creations come to life and give substance to her vision.

Paradise, a haven of marvels

With Paradise, the new Red Carpet Collection takes us to the heart of a theme dear to Chopard: that of unspoilt, generous and sublime nature. A dreamlike and fertile place, permanently accessible to everyone, free to imagine its contours and to go there to recharge their batteries as they please. A ‘Paradise’ to be found within oneself, according to one’s imagination and desires. A realm of all possibilities.

When instilling a baroque, fanciful spirit into the 2021 Red Carpet Collection, Caroline Scheufele drew inspiration from the lush nature of the mythological or real places populating her fantasy repertoire. A bountiful Garden of Eden, where precious stones are picked like berries, where plants and animals offer their songs and spectacular colours; a secret landmark, like the island of Pantelleria, where the telluric depth of the volcanic rocks is reflected in the crystalline transparency of the waters in which Caroline Scheufele loves to immerse her gaze; or a supernatural, vision of nature resembling that of the fantasy film Avatar, a metaphorical space in which to find refuge, to escape the hostility of reality and to find a new lease on life.

Among the countless references enlivening Caroline Scheufele’s majestic world, the Artistic Director has brilliantly enlisted a whole range of creative resources in this Red Carpet Collection, of which the first emblematic pieces are presented today. Among the dazzling creations in this ‘jewellery box’ worthy of a fairytale heroine is a gold necklace set with white, black, brown and yellow diamonds, embellished with coloured pearls and flaunting its energy through a parade of dogs. This masterpiece composed of over 9,000 precious stones required no less than 1,200 hours of work, most of which were devoted to the micro-setting of these canines, whose precious coats appear to undulate in a gentle breeze.

At the heart of a no less ingenious pendant, a brown diamond fawn slumbers peacefully, nestled in a bed of tsavorites and preciously guarding a magnificent heart-cut diamond. An equally charming talisman-like ring set with a 26-carat black opal features tiny tinted titanium flowers and yellow sapphires.

A lacework of diamonds aristocratically circles the neck as a choker featuring a central pendant motif majestically adorned with an exceptional stone: a stunning fancy vivid yellow 23.26-carat diamond single-handedly epitomising the opulent splendour of this goldsmith’s paradise. Meanwhile, a jewellery watch gives pride of place to pink sapphires. And finally, the enchanting array includes a vibrantly colourful cuff bracelet bearing a Paisley motif exquisitely traced by splendid coloured stones such as mandarin garnets, tsavorites, amethysts and Paraiba tourmalines.

Chopard, sculptor of wonders

Among the Chopard Haute Joaillerie collections, Red Carpet is the one that embodies the ultimate dazzlement, nourished by Caroline Scheufele’s curious and lively view of the world. This collection also highlights the extraordinary work of the artisans who exercise their skills in Chopard’s Haute Joaillerie’s ateliers, the largest in Switzerland. From design to volume, from goldsmithing to gemsetting craftsmanship, these artisans combine their talents in giving life to this collection.

In this respect, the Red Carpet Collection symbolises the quintessence of classic jewellery-making expertise and carefully preserved tradition, nurtured by a fresh eye and a genuine avant-garde spirit. It is in this commitment of heart and mind, expressed through the nobility of hand craftsmanship, that the emotion of this new collection unfolds, impelled by the fertile spirit of fabulous odysseys. 

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