The Real Nature of Haute Couture

July 7, 2020

A Haute Couture piece is the ultimate luxury level, both in terms of design and craftsmanship quality. The Haute Couture designation is often used in illegitimate ways nowadays. For this particular season, when there is no actual Haute Couture runway show, Julien Fournié has chosen to invite you inside his house’s core values. 

Exclusivity, authenticity, creative freedom, innovative techniques paired to traditional craftsmanship, create together the Haute Couture eco-system. 

The exclusive character of every design under the Julien Fournié name is very strict: Julien Fournié NEVER repeats the same design for two customers. Not even when a customer orders a look from a particular collection. Not even if customers based on different continents ask for the same design. Once you buy it, you are the only person in the world to own it. 

The authentic nature of the design is guaranteed here by the traditional steps of Haute Couture: 

  • Meeting the customer in an initial face to face conversation about her expectations, 
  • Starting from a sketch made for one person only,  
  • Working on garment volume on the mannequin,  
  • Developing  the best fabrics with the top weavers of natural fibers in Europe 
  • Sketching a specific print,  
  • Collaborating with the very best craftsmen in France, 
  • Constantly training our team of expert seamstresses.  

In his eponymous house, the Couture house he has founded and fully controls, Julien Fournié is  feeling completely free to decide what he wants to do and how he wants to achieve it. This freedom and independence of thought are paramount for a Haute Couture house. Thus, Julien Fournié stands behind each and every project in his realm and each creative impulse follows his intuition only. 

Women are used to spot clothes in shops, try them on and then decide on acquiring them. With the Haute Couture approach, the process is entirely different.  

You see first a sketch of the imagined look, In a first fitting, you place your order and then try on a prototype made in a plain and simple white fabric. From the original sketch, the atelier has given its volume and architecture to the piece. With this first fitting, Julien Fournié is checking the perfect fit for each silhouette. Only then, together with the customer, does Julien Fournié choose the right fabric, its texture, its feel and, of course its precise color, the exact finishings, the magic embellishments.  

Haute Couture takes time between the first sketch and the final fitting of course, but when you are buying a Haute Couture piece, you are not simply buying a garment. What you are buying is also an experience, an adventure in an attempt to fully express your unique personality in a garment made precisely at your measurements and designed only for you.  

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