A Conversation with : Sofia Crociani (Aelis Couture)

janvier 27, 2022
Courtesy: Sofia Crociani

Sofia Crociani launched Aelis Couture in 2017 as an ecological, ethical, and sustainable label. Last season, the Italian designer known for her unique “art-to-wear” pieces introduced an NFT collection, becoming the first house to merge the tradition of couture with virtual tokens. 

Are you a dreamer? 
I have visions.

How do you distinguish sleep dreams and life dreams?
I do not distinguish sleep dreams and life dreams because I live in the awareness that there is no difference between consciousness and knowledge generated by my brain activity – in a state of sleep or in a state of wakefulness.

Do you try to interpret your sleeping dreams?
I don’t interpret my dreams, I live them.

Do you get creative ideas from your sleeping dreams?
I have creative visions and those visions help me to build the creative process.

In what moments do you dream best?
Any moment is beautiful to take you to visualised dreams and generate images capable of producing reality.

Do dreams help us make sense of reality or do they help us escape?
Personally, I experience a visionary reality. Without this awareness, life doesn’t exist.

Do you have a dream that remains unfulfilled?

What is your wildest dream for the state of the world?
A universal state of green nirvana where peaceful humans could find beauty following laws of nature and love. 

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. 

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