Sofia Crociani and Aelis

juillet 7, 2020

Born in Italy, where she studied classics and architecture at the University of Florence, Sofia integrated the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating, she decided to settle in Paris and instantly worked for the best fashion houses. She joined Dior as a designer during the John Galliano era, and discovered the cinematic staging of Haute Couture fashion shows. This experience gave her a taste for supreme luxury and made her value the art of craftsmanship even more. Following through with her passion, she
decided to pursue her career as an independent designer and founded her own consulting company, while dividing her life between France and Italy.

From Paris to Milan, New York and Tokyo, Sofia designed collections for several brands and collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld for more than a decade. She also expressed herself through various artistic projects – including costume creation for contemporary ballets – that allowed her to reconnect with an experience of pure freedom, without any constraints. Going back to basics, Sofia put all her experiences in perspective, took time to reflect on the world and on the fashion industry, and realized how important it was for her to act for the planet. A lucky encounter with Patti Smith helped her validate her decision to create differently and to become a true actress of change. In July 2017, she launched AELIS Couture, an ethical and sustainable couture brand. Named after the muse of a great Italian poet, AELIS is a brand that sprang from the deep desire to create clothes that are both high-end and ecosustainable. This commitment to support the planet is also part of an aesthetic approach, as the designer surrounds herself with great artisans to ensure the uniqueness and quality of each piece.

To bring it back to life, the garment is placed at the heart of an environmentally friendly life cycle: all the fabrics used – from the Italian cashmere to the Japanese silk fur – are produced using methods of sustainable development.
Through a constantly-evolving wardrobe – resupplied each season with new fundamentals – AELIS invites us to rethink our relationship with clothing and rediscover the pleasure of preserving and passing on clothes to the next generation.


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