Sofia Crociani Angelness

juillet 7, 2020

A couture dress is a piece of art and can thus express a message of inner beauty . Digital haute couture is a contemporary and interesting idea that inspired me to work with a new vision, and to involve in this process my friend and Artist Jacopo Godani. Jacopo’s work consists of live art performances. The moving bodies of his creatures help him share and shape his reflection on sustainability and on the impact of humankind on the planet. As friends, we have always shared our love and respect for nature and all kinds of beauty.I invited him to meet AELIS and discuss our ecological and ethical vision. His creativity has inspired me constantly and his graceful and moving creations have always had the power to
generate strong emotional reactions. Dance as an Art form has always been present in my life and all our dresses are conceived by following the movement of the fabric when draped around the body. The idea to work with Jacopo came from a mutual desire that sprang from our common aesthetic and ethical vision. Our hope is to convey a message of beauty that will trigger a regenerating process, involving a new consciousness of our place in this world. In this moment of deep reflection, with humanity locked down, the planet has begun to regenerate. Beauty and femininity have inspired this entire collection. When conceiving the dresses, I was driven by the rhythm of a silent movie, inspired by the beauty of Francesca Bertini and Theda Bara, Man Ray portraits, and nymphs from Greek and Roman mythology.
The “femminea”essence of Echo, Egeria, Eurydice, and the powerful beauty of the Sistine Chapel are evoked in “Angelness”, the art performance film directed by Jacopo Godani. We believe that femininity is not related to human gender. The physical aspect of being born male or female has nothing to do with femininity. What drives us to continue and present this new project is the hope that humanity will change one day and will act responsibly and live sustainably, to slow down consumeristic lifestyle and preserve the world. Inspiration comes from motion and emotion. It is the energy from which beauty originates. In his post-apocalyptic vision, Jacopo Godani’s

performers, who look like fallen angels or wondrous creatures, become the new Muses and share this energy, giving birth to new AELIS creations. The incredible savoir-faire of haute couture, which I have experienced during the time I worked for Dior, was a central element that helped me realize the importance of slow or, as I like to call it, meditative fashion – an approach that fits my sustainable and balanced lifestyle. I feel most at peace in places where I can feel in harmony with the Earth. I split my life between Paris and Tuscany where I live in Valdorcia, in a house on top of a hill built in stones on Roman foundations, surrounded by trees and wild grass. There, I experience an osmotic energy between myself and the surrounding nature When I designed the first collection for AELIS, I felt the necessity to speak to all women, and to start an active conversation about art, ecology, and ethics with a couture dress as a starting point

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